Sell a Business

What to do when I sell


For business owners ready to sell their business, the RedTire program by the KU Entrepreneurship Works for Kansas initiative is designed to address the closing of viable businesses due to the lack of a successor or exit strategy. Find out more here:

Kansas Department of Revenue 

Notify the Department of Revenue when selling a business. The department can then change the records of the account to show the information on the new owner and to take your name off the account. This helps reduce the chance you may be contacted about future tax issues for that business. If the department does not know the business has been sold you may be viewed as a non-filer or may be contacted on a tax liability the business incurs after it is sold.

  • Complete the Notice of Business Closure (CR-108)
  • Return the completed form to Kansas Department of Revenue, 915 SW Harrison Street, Topeka, KS 66625-9000 or FAX to 785-291-3614.
  • Include information on the date the business was sold
  • Include the name and address of the new owner
  • Make sure all tax filings are current up to the date of sale
  • If there is no business activity to report for certain periods the online applications for zero based filing may be used
  • Make sure all outstanding taxes are paid for periods up to the date of sale