Workforce Development

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Workforce Development

Workforce development offers various education, training, employment, and regulatory services to connect businesses with a skilled workforce. These services provide both employers and employees with the opportunity to improve their performance and thrive in Kansas.

Find Kansas workplace laws

Read Kansas law pertaining to wages, minimum wage, overtime, child labor, and private employment agencies at: Kansas Workplace Laws.

Kansas Minimum Wage

The Kansas minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. All employees not covered by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act must be paid Kansas minimum wage. Contact Federal Wage and Hour at (913) 551-5721 to inquire about whether your company is covered by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Required Posters

Federal and Kansas state law requires that certain posters be displayed in the work place. Businesses are required to display as many as nine posters; only eight if not employing anyone under 18 years of age. All are available for download and printing at: Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) Workplace Laws and Requirements.

Required Federal Posters

Those required to be posted are about EEOC, Polygraph, Federal Minimum Wage, FMLA, OSHA and USERRA. More information about these posters and download information can be found on the KDOL website.

Kansas New Hire Directory – Federal and state law requires employers to report newly hired and re-hired employees in Kansas to the New Hire Directory within 20 days of the hire.

Re-hires or Re-called employees – Employers must report re-hires, or employees who return to work after being laid off, furloughed, separated, granted a leave without pay, or terminated from employment for 60 days or more. Employers must also report any employee who remains on the payroll during a break in service or gap in pay, and then returns to work. A re-hired employee includes any individual who has been separated from employment for 60 consecutive days. This includes teachers, substitutes, seasonal workers, etc. This site provides information about reporting new hires including reporting online and other reporting options.