Maintaining Good Standing Status

ShieldAg Equipment | Hutchinson, KS

Maintaining Good Standing Status

Required Annual Filing:  To maintain good standing status, a business that is registered with the Secretary of State must file an annual report.  Annual reports may be filed online at: Annual Report Online Filing.

Failing to file the required annual report with the Secretary of State by the report due date places the business in a delinquent status.  A business that is in a delinquent status for three months past the due date places the business in a forfeited status. A business can check its annual report due date and forfeiture date at:  Business Entity Search Station.

Returning to Good Standing

A business in a delinquent status must file the most recent annual report due.  The annual report can be filed at: Annual Report Online Filing.
A business that is in a forfeited status must file a reinstatement form and any past due annual reports to return to good standing status.  Reinstatement forms and annual report forms listed by business entity type are available on the Secretary of State website at: Filings & Forms – Business Entities.