Close a Business

Closing a Business

The following agencies may have filing requirements that apply to selling or closing a business. Depending on the type of business, other notifications may be required to be provided to state agencies. Businesses are encouraged to consult an attorney, accountant or other business advisor when closing or selling a  business.

Kansas Secretary of State

A business may dissolve, cancel, or withdraw from doing business in Kansas by submitting a filing with the Secretary of State. File online at: Dissolution, Cancellation or Withdrawal of a Business Entity Amendment. Businesses must have filed their most recent annual report before filing a dissolution, cancellation, or withdrawal.

Kansas Department of Labor

  • Employers should immediately notify the department when selling all or part of the business or discontinuing business for any reason. All Quarterly Wage Report and Unemployment Tax Returnsand taxes, including penalty and interest, are due within 15 days of selling or closing the business.
  • If the employer sells all or part of the business, the selling employer must supply the department with the following information concerning the transaction: buyer’s name, trade name, address, date of sale and the portion of the business sold. The business must also supply the date of last wages paid.
  • If the business is discontinued, the employer must supply the department with the date of closing.
  • Employers can report this information on the Employer’s Account Record Change(K-CNS 103).

    What to do when closing a business:

    • Complete the Notice of Business Closure (CR-108)
    • Return the completed form to: Kansas Department of Revenue, 915 SW Harrison Street, Topeka, KS 66625-9000 or FAX to 785-291-3614.
    • Include information on the date the business was closed
    • Make sure all tax filings are current
    • If there is no business activity to reportfor certain periods the online applications for zero-based filing may be used
    • Make sure all outstanding taxes are paid