Find Business Funding

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Need funding for your business? Kansas has resources to help you find funding.

Identifying potential sources of investment capital may be an important part of starting and growing a business. The following agencies and organizations may be able to assist with identifying and securing business funding.

NetWork Kansas is available statewide and enables entrepreneurs and small business owners to connect with 500+ NetWork Kansas partners throughout the state.

Chat live, call or e-mail their staff of trained referral coordinators for free, personal assistance. NetWork Kansas staff will discuss your query and provide guidance to the right resource or resources to help. The referral center is staffed Monday – Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. Call (877) 521-8600 or e-mail

The Kansas Association of Certified Development Companies also provides assistance in obtaining funding for business projects.

The following resources provide more information on sources of funding for new and existing businesses.

General Business Incentive Programs