Plan to Register Your Business

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Plan to Register Your Business

Congratulations, you’re almost there! To ensure your business’ success, we strongly suggest that you thoroughly review all of the information on this site and contact an attorney or professional advisor before registering your business.

These are the minimal requirements you will need to know in order to legally register your business with the state:

Kansas business location: You must know the address of your principal office location, which must be in Kansas and cannot be a P.O. Box.

Business name: You will need to select a name for your business that is not already in use. Check the availability of a name here.

Business type and structure: Different entity types allow for different ownership and management structures. Make sure you have a good understanding of how you want your business to be structured before you register the business, and if you need more guidance to consider contacting an attorney or a professional advisor.

Resident agent: Most business entities will need to publicly identify a resident agent. This is an individual or entity that is designated to accept service of process if the entity is summoned to court for any reason. The resident agent must be either and individual in Kansas or a Kansas business entity registered with the Kansas Secretary of State. If you are now ready to start your business, visit Start your business.