Restaurant Starter Kit


The Restaurant Starter Kit provides information on starting a restaurant in Kansas. The kit is not intended as legal or tax advice and should not be taken as such. If you have any legal or tax questions, please consult an attorney, accountant, or business counselor for additional guidance. In addition to the information provided below, review the steps necessary for Starting a Business in Kansas.


The Kansas Department of Agriculture provides a comprehensive guide to starting a restaurant. Please visit https://agriculture.ks.gov

Related Documents & Forms

For a comprehensive list of forms needed to  open a restaurant please visit https://agriculture.ks.gov

Licenses and Permits
City and county governments may require additional licenses and permits.  Contact these entities for further information.   The following links provide contact information for city and county governments.

League of Kansas Municipalities

Kansas Association of Counties

If your restaurant will serve alcohol, you can find information about license requirements at: